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Vendor Application 2017

Mission Statement

Through the integrity of its vendors and their products, the Cedar Falls Farmer’s Market will provide economic opportunity to local farmers and home-based producers by providing a robust, sustainable market with a steady customer base in which they can sell their products. By working with the City of Cedar Falls, we will build relationships between local farmers, producers, crafters, and artisans and community members to enhance health and quality of life and to provide an event that fosters community gathering and interaction.”

Cedar Falls Farmers Market Hours of Operation

Every Saturday, May 1 – October 31
This is a 25-week commitment
Market is closed the last Saturday in June for Sturgis Falls Celebration Market is open from 8:30 AM to 12:00 Noon

Market Location: The Cedar Falls Farmers Market is located on West 3rd and Clay Streets along Overman Park

What It Takes To Be A Vendor


  1. Producer Only Market: All Items sold at market must be grown or made by the vendor themselves. Growers are responsible for both planting and harvesting the product. Meat producers must raise the livestock and have it processed in the appropriate processing plant. Craft items must be made and assembled from scratch (absolutely no flea-market, antique, or resale items). All other items must be made by the vendors.
  2. The vendor must reside and produce goods in Black Hawk County or adjacent counties. (These include: Grundy, Butler, Bremer, Fayette, Buchanan, Benton, and Tama). Exceptions: The market may make exceptions for specialty items not available within the required area at the discretion of the market. Ex. beef, pork, milk, cheese, mushrooms, etc.
  3. Apply to the market within the prescribed time frame, January 1 – March 1. Late applications will not be considered.
  4. All vendors must carry liability insurance and file a proof of coverage with the market. New vendors must file proof of insurance with the market by April 15. Returning vendors should file an updated insurance form when it becomes due and is renewed.
  1. The vendor must file a state sales tax form with the market for all taxable items.   (This includes all vegetable and bedding plants, crafts, jewelry, flowers some prepared foods, etc.)
  2. No businesses with storefronts may apply. This market is for producers,       farmers, crafters, and artisans. Exceptions: Food and Drink vendors may be considered at the market’s discretion.
  3. The market must approve all applications. It reserves the right to refuse vendors at any time for any reason. Those applications not accepted will be notified in writing with the reasons for rejection. Individual items may also be rejected depending on the needs of the market and state and county health rules. These may not reject the whole application.
  4. Payment in full of all stall fees. Returning vendors should submit fees with their application, new vendor fees are due by April 15.
  5. The vendor must provide a copy of all licenses and certifications required by the state or county health departments. Onsite inspections should be arranged by the vendor for the 1st market in May.
  6. Returning vendors have first priority to choose market spaces and apply for additional spaces if desired. When applying for additional spaces, a vendor may need to move or wait until an adjacent space becomes available. Additional stalls will be assigned based on availability, seniority, and market attendance. Requests should be made by March 1. New vendors will be assigned only 1 requested space the first year.

Rules and Procedures for Vendors

  1. All items sold must have been raised, prepared, or produced by the vendor or their family. Items must come from Black Hawk County or adjacent counties. No commercial vendors or wholesalers will be allowed.
  2. Vendors must comply with all Federal and State regulations. You are responsible for all licenses and inspections and filing copies of each with the market. Lack of appropriate paperwork will result in the vendor being restricted from market till paperwork has been completed.
  3. Vendors with certified kitchens need to register their license with the market.
  4. Vendors may offer for sale articles for human consumption, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries, baked goods, edible grains, honey, maple sugars, syrups, and non-edible handicrafts, pottery, woodworking products or household plants and cut flowers. Processed goods must meet state law and Department of Agriculture rules.
  5. All vendors must carry liability insurance. Returning vendors must submit a proof of insurance upon renewal of their contract. New vendors need to submit their proof of insurance by April 15.
  6. All vendors must acquire a state sales tax permit if needed. A copy must be on file with the market. Returning vendors should already have a permit on file.   New vendors need to submit their permit by April 15.
  7. Baked goods vendors must label all products including their source and phone number of the preparer, the ingredients, and the name of the product. No items purchased pre-made or made from mixes are allowed.
  8. Craft persons and artists may sell their own, good quality, home crafted noncommercial handicrafts and artwork. No antiques or flea-market items are allowed.
  9. Vendors may sell only those items declared on their applications. To add products to their list requires permission from the market. Submit pictures or examples to the market advisory board for approval. All additional items must be approved prior to the market season starting. New items during the year may be considered based solely on market needs.
  10. Vendors cannot claim produce as organic unless they have a state organic certificate. An organic certificate must be acquired from the state through an application process. Chemical free and herbicide free may be used if you produce vegetables this way.
  11. State law requires that jams and jellies must be made from fruit. No vegetable products can be added. Salsa or canned goods are forbidden unless they are prepared in a certified kitchen.
  12. Meat, dairy and egg producers must contact Black Hawk County for proper licenses. Milk and cheese cannot come directly from the creamery.
  13. Pricing, tables, chairs, change, bags, and advertising signs, pop-up tents or umbrellas are to be provided by the vendor. Scales certified by the state may be used at the market. A copy of the certification must be filed with the market.
  14. All produce must be fresh and clean. Vehicles used for transportation and sale of produce must also be kept clean.
  15. Market opens the first Saturday in May and lasts until the last Saturday in October. Sturgis Falls weekend there is no market.
  16. Vendors may unload along their vehicle starting at 7:30 AM as long as products do not venture into the roadway or interfere with other vendors as they move into their stalls. Full set-up cannot begin until 8:00 AM. All vendors should be in their space by 8:00 AM.
  17. Market opens for business at 8:30 AM. No transactions should occur until the market bell is heard. Market ends at 12:00 noon. Please try to vacate your stall by 12:30 PM.
  18. All vendors are responsible for cleaning up their area before leaving. This will be strictly enforced. Remember, this is city property and we wish to leave it as we found it.
  19. Returning vendors may reserve a permanent space for the season upon payment of stall fees of $100 for a 12’ space and $180 for a 22’ space. Stalls are assigned in the spring once all applications have been received. Stalls are not guaranteed until fees are paid.
  20. All available spaces will be assigned at the beginning of the year. No one day spaces will be available. Stall fees are for the year regardless of the number of attendances.
  21. Vendors must use only their assigned stalls and not in any way interfere with adjacent vendors or block adjacent streets or alleyways. If spaces are available the market coordinator may move vendors to improve the appearance and functionality of the market.
  22. No animals or pets are allowed at the market by vendors.
  23. The goal for the market is to offer a quality product at a fair price. The market is for the benefit of the vendors and the consumers.
  24. All plants and vegetable items sold at the market may be purchased as cuttings or plugs, but must be grown on by the seller for a period of four weeks before the sale at the market. Hostas shall be excluded from this provision.
  25. Smoking by vendors is prohibited at their stall or in close proximity to areas used to sell produce. This is in compliance with state law. If vendors wish to smoke they may go into the park.
  26. All market coupons need to be submitted to the treasurer for reimbursement on or before the November meeting of the current market year. Coupons submitted after the November meeting will not be reimbursed.
  27. Any vendor in violation of market, county, or state rules may be expelled from the market. If expelled, the vendor will be barred from participation at the market in the future.
  28. If violations are suspected, the market reserves the right to inspect a vendor’s   growing or production site and to request proof of being a producer vendor. This may include necessary documentation and records.
Enforcement Procedures

All rules of the market are enforced by the Market Coordinator or his/her designee who has ultimate on-site authority. Complaints or problems should be directed to the market coordinator.

  1. If a vendor does not comply with federal, state or local regulations, the market coordinator may take action deemed appropriate including revoking the vendor’s right to sell that day or any future market days.
  2. Customer complaints will be forwarded to vendors. Complaints may result in disciplinary action.
  3. The market reserves the right to visit and inspect the farm of any vendor and to request necessary documents.   (Including but not limited to seed purchase receipts, land ownership or rental agreement, etc.)
  4. Vendors must keep current fees updated and documents and certificates updated as they come due. Certificates need to be displayed or available upon request.
  5. The market reserves the right to make exceptions when necessary.
  6. Complaints unresolved will be submitted to the Cedar Falls Market Advisory Board. They will investigate the complaint and issue a verdict. The violator will be notified in writing of the final decision.
  7. Written violation forms are available from the market coordinator.
  8. If a violator disagrees with the decision of the Advisory Board, then an appeal may be made to the Market Director in writing stating his/her appeal concerns. The Market Director’s decision is final.

Community Tent

The Community Tents are designed to allow civic organizations to advertise their groups and programs. Tents are limited to 3 per market day. Each group wishing to take advantage of the tents should:

  1. Apply to Jim Fitkin E-Mail Address:
  2. Give a choice of dates.
  3. Sign a liability insurance waiver.

Set up for the tents begins at 8:00 AM and representatives must stay for the duration of the market. No sales are allowed. Organizations may have banners and posters, hand out literature, have demonstrations, etc. No charge for this service is required.

This market is non-political, therefore political groups and groups that advertise for political groups, as well as lobbyists, will not be allowed.

The market will provide a pop-up tent and a six-foot table for each group.

The market works hard to provide the equipment and set-up each Saturday for the community tents. We expect that each group will show up for their assigned Saturday. If a group becomes a no-show without contacting the market management, they may forfeit their right to additional sign-ups.


Please Contact market contact Jim Fitkin (319) 961-2045 if you have any questions.

Market Masters

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